Color decisions that need to be made:

  1.  Choose a color for the main field.  This is the main concrete color.  Choose “color hardener” color below.
  2. Choose an antique color.  This is the accent/highlight color that gives concrete stamping a realistic.  Choose “antique” color below.
  3. Choose a border color.  This is the main color of the border.  Choose “color hardener” color below.


See colors below or print out color charts here:

Color hardener

Antique color

Integral color

Acid Staining

Acetone Staining

Color Explanation:  OCF Decorative Concrete uses mainly color hardener for the field color.  This is the highest quality coloring available and is the most durable and vivid.  It raises 4000 psi concrete (our standard) to 7000 psi and the color will remain vivid and intact for a lifetime.  Although color hardener is the highest quality method available it is also the least typical because it is technically very difficult to perform.  

Integral color is another good option.  With proper maintenance integral color will last in good quality for a very long time.  However, it will begin to fade over time.  Integral color psi is 4000 while color hardener psi is 7000.  Integral is the most common method of coloring concrete.

Be sure that your concrete contractor does not use colored sealer (very typical).  The reason for this is that once the sealer begins to wear off, then the color leaves with the sealer and has an unsightly calico effect.  

Antique color is generally darker than the field time.  Typically you combine a light color hardener with a darker antique release.  This provides a real stone/timber effect.  Border colors are also typically a darker color compared to the field color which is typically lighter.

Acid staining is typical for restoring existing concrete or for embellishments within a larger decorative job (e.g. medallion, individual stone coloring).

Acetone staining is for coloring of concrete and artwork.


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