Concrete Overalys

An endless variety of surfaces & design

Concrete restoration inside & out

Repair damaged concrete & resurface into something that looks brand new without the cost of tear out and new concrete.  Overlays are stronger than concrete.

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Concrete Overlays

Overlays are engineered to be a surface repair or an aesthetic finish that can be applied to new or existing concrete surfaces. The finished application is actually stronger than concrete and can withstand vehicular traffic and harsh temperatures (extreme hot or cold).

Benefits of Overlays:

  • Virtually unlimited designs, patterns, textures and color options.
  • Can create the authentic look and feel of any stone, brick, tile, wood and even just plain new concrete.
  • Available in any color combination to match surrounding design.
  • Cost effective compared to: full depth stamped concrete, pavers, brick, real stone or integrally colored concrete.
  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Highly resistant to deicing salts, freeze/thaw climates, extreme heat, wet conditions and UV rays.
  • Quick installation time.
  • Can be installed pre or post construction.
  • For new or existing concrete surfaces.