Acid Staining Concrete on the Oregon Coast, Rockaway, Manzanita, Garibaldi, & more.

Brown flake epoxy floor and acid stained patio. Topped with an epoxy topcoat.

Project Description:  This project was two fold.  Firstly, we did a brown epoxy flake floor in the garage.  We ground the floor to the proper concrete profile (so that concrete will bond with the epoxy).  We then laid a layer of epoxy, throwing a brown layer of flock on top.  We then sealed with a top coat of epoxy.

The second leg of the project was an acid stained patio.  We did this also by grinding the top layer, and then laying acid stain, followed by an acryllic sealer.  This patio is exposed to the outside elements, though it is covered.  Find out more about epoxy floors here.  Find out more about acid staining here.

Our other part of our business is our flower farm at Oregon Coastal Flowers.  We are also owners of the Hydrangea Ranch and host weddings.



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