Urethane Cement for Milk Houses, Parlors, Breweries, Food Processing, & More.

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Urethane Cement:

This milk house is continually flooded with water with only a few “dry” hours throughout a 24 hour period.  There are a couple of epoxy options that would provide a durable long lasting floor, however, their installation requires at least two dry days with no moisture on the floor.  This was not an option.  We had only an 8 hour window of no new moisture on the floor (and this was stretching it).

HERMETIC™ 4.8S Urethane Cement slurry
is a three component, thermal shock resistant, urethane slurry
(broadcast optional), non-slip flooring system. Available in
a variety of colors and engineered to be FDA and USDA
acceptable for applications in food manufacturing, packaging
and serving facilities.
HERMETIC™ 4.8S Urethane Cement slurry is engineered to
withstand steam cleaning on a daily basis, along with it’s
resistance to bacterial growth makes it ideal for application in
most food and beverage manufacturing and serving facilities.
Non slip when wet, will withstand severe traffic exposure.
• Meat/Poultry and Dairy Processing
• Breweries, and wineries
• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants
• Processing Areas
• Automotive Service Bays
• Cold storage facilities
• Resistant to extreme hot and cold changes in temperature
• Passes ADA recommendations
• Meets or exceeds FDA AND USDA guidelines
• Does not support bacterial growth
• Resistant to high levels of relative humidity in substrates
• Self leveling, water based, & VOC compliant formulation


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