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Epoxy flake using 2 colors for this shop floor, top coated with AUS-V & grit for slip resistance.

Epoxy Flake Garage Floor:

An Epoxy garage floor project begins with grinding the concrete to the correct profile.  This allows the epoxy to bond to the subsurface.  Without a proper grind, epoxy floors will inevitably fail.  

The next step is the application of a vapor barrier.  This step is skipped by most contractors, but is important as to not allow moisture to come up through the subfloor and compromise the epoxy floor.

Next, we apply epoxy tinted with one of 16 different colors, then we throw flake.  We then scrape off the flake, and apply epoxy again on top.  For the most durable installations, we apply AUS-V as a rock solid top coat and we can even apply grit for slip resistance.

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