1. lunches provided during training.  Dinner provided the evening of the 18th.
  2. 3 addresses used in this training in Tillamook, OR 97141:
    1. 6730 Kilchis River Rd.  Location of our concrete shop.  Some work will be done here.  Meeting here at 8am on Tuesday.
    2. 9410 Bewley Creek Rd.  This is the location of the large water feature, about 8 miles south of the concrete warehouse.
    3. 9455 Kilchis River Rd, This is the location of my farm and for camping.  We will also be doing the fireplace/pizza oven here and retaining wall.  We will have some meals here.  Wifi password in small barn and big barn.  Password is BlueWater146!!!


  1.  Tuesday, Aug. 16 —

Goal — Water feature main concrete pour  — start GFRC Boulder construction

Meet at 8 am at 6730 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, Oregon.  This is OCF Decorative Concrete’s wharehouse.  A brief introduction to projects will be made.  Carpool to water feature main jobsite at 9410 Bewely Creek Rd,  Tillamook, OR 97141.

2.  Wednesday, Aug. 17

Goal — Finish pouring concrete at main water feature, bulk of water fall completed, GFRC panels constructed today.

PM– Bradley Montoya will begin construction of countertops to be used on Firepleace/Pizza Oven.  Kitchen molds have already been poured.

3.  Thursday, Aug. 18

Goal — Pour 250 feet retaining wall at Hydrangea Ranch, 9455 Kilchis River Rd., Tillamook, OR.  Main fireplace, pizza oven, wood boxes will be constructed.  Crew finishing up at main water feature.

4.  Friday, Aug. 19

Coloring of retaining wall at Hydrangea Ranch and coloring of large water feature.